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Take full command of your inventory with Qlocx Smart Store! Enjoy the convenience of automatically replenished supplies, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips.

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What is Qlocx Smart Store?

Smart Store is an on-site, unattended, and secure storage solution for consumable goods. It automatically restocks items without the need for manual orders. Your administrator decides which products and how many of them should be in stock, and the balance point where the product should be replenished. To retrieve material, for example, a package of screws or nails, you open the store and scan the packages – all with the Qlocx app.

With Smart Store, you can focus on your tasks while Qlocx ensures you always have the supplies you need.

This is how it works

Starting up smart store

When the store has been filled with material and placed at the workplace, the store must be inventoried. All material must then be registered in the app with the associated maximum balance, current balance, and order point. Anyone authorized to use the store can be invited to the app.

Select goods from the store

Use the app to scan the barcode on the relevant item. The item then automatically ends up in the shopping basket, where you select the quantity as well as the cost center. When the withdrawal is completed, this is registered to the user, and the store’s balance is updated.

Automatic order placement

When the current balance has dropped to the preselected order point, an order is automatically sent out to the supplier responsible for replenishment. When the goods have been delivered to the store, the balance increases automatically.

Hilti x Qlocx

The construction supplier Hilti was the first to offer Qlocx Smart Store to its customers. Early on, we saw great interest in this type of logistics assistance and have helped a number of workplaces to facilitate their order processes and streamline their workdays since we started working together.  

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A selection of our Smart Store partners


What value does smart consumable storage create? 

Better control of the material

With a smart consumable storage unit, the workplace gains better control and overview of which materials they have, the consumption, and which materials need to be purchased. In this way, it becomes easier to plan purchases and reduce waste.

Non-existent material lead times

With smart consumable storage, you never have to plan the ordering of new material or worry that necessary items are missing. The material is always available in storage since products are automatically ordered when the stock runs low. The material is then delivered easily without anyone having to meet the carrier.

High traceability

Having each item scanned by the user upon collection makes it possible for the administrator to see which material was collected, how much, what time it was collected, and by whom. This means that traceability of materials increases and a greater personal responsibility can be taken by each individual user.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the four most frequently asked questions. If you can not find your answer here, please see our full FAQ here or contact us at

I want to start using Smart Store. How do I go about it?

Please contact us, and we will help you further.

What type of material can be kept in a Smart Store?

All material types work. The most common are materials that are often used up quickly, such as packages with screws, gloves, and tools. As an administrator, you have full control over the number of articles in the Smart Store.

What is required to connect a supplier?

The only thing Qlocx needs is a product catalog containing the article number, name, and barcode, as well as how suppliers want to receive orders EDI, PDF, email, etc.

What does the physical Smart Store look like?

The Qlocx Smart Store system can be applied to any space or unit, from a cupboard or room to an open area in a yard. The system is completely self-contained and can be run even without a Smart Locker. However, you will get the best results and traceability if the space is lockable and the Qlocx hardware is installed to manage the lock.

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