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Elevate your customer experience and drive more conversions by offering Click and Collect. This convenient shipping option builds trust, enhances service levels, and attracts more customers to your store. Take advantage of this powerful tool to boost your sales and delight your customers!



What is Click and Collect?

Install our Smart Lockers to create a convenient pickup point inside or outside your store, allowing customers to collect their items independently and at their convenience. This innovation reduces staff involvement, cuts down scheduling complexity, and saves valuable staff time. Enhance your customer experience while optimizing your operations with our Smart Lockers.

This is how Qlocx Click and Collect works

1. E-commerce purchase

The customer makes a purchase on the e-commerce website and chooses the “delivery to store” option for shipping.

2. Order processing

The merchant processes the order, arranges for transportation, and ensures the delivery is made to the store.

3. Receiving and admission

The store receives the delivery, scans the parcel, and places it in a designated compartment in the Smart Locker.

4. Delivery notification and collection

Once the parcel is placed in the locker, the customer is notified that it is ready for collection. The customer can then pick up the parcel at their convenience.

What are the advantages of Click and Collect?

Cost savings

.Eliminate the physical handover of parcels and significantly reduce your store’s scheduling, staffing, and logistics costs. Streamline operations and save more with our Smart Lockers!


With Click and Collect, customers can conveniently pick up their parcels without the hassle of waiting in line, enhancing their shopping experience and boost your store’s appeal.


Implementing a Click and Collect system in your store not only allows customers to try products immediately and return them if needed but also offers a convenient drop-off point for repairs and exchanges. Enhance customer satisfaction and drive more in-store traffic.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the four most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, please see our full FAQ here or contact us at

I want to start with Click and Collect; how do I go about it?

Contact us at Qlocx, and we will help you further.​

How are the lockers designed?

We have a standard assortment of lockers but can also adapt them to your specific needs. Contact us at Qlocx, and we can help you find the right type of locker for your matching your business need.

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