Asset Management

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Unlock effortless asset management with the Qlocx system! Grant access to specific equipment at precise times, all without the hassle of physical handovers. Simplify your operations and enhance security with Qlocx.


What is asset management? 

Today, countless companies find themselves with an abundance of idle equipment. Computers, phones, and other devices often sit unused, collecting dust in storage. In larger factories and industrial settings, this unused potential can be transformed into productivity through equipment sharing. Asset management becomes a game-changer here.

Introducing the Qlocx Smart Locker: the ultimate solution for efficient asset management. With Qlocx, ensure the right person has access to the right equipment precisely when they need it. Our system meticulously tracks every item taken and returned, with seamless administration through the Qlocx app.

Unlock the power of your assets. Make equipment accessibility effortless and efficient with Qlocx Smart Locker. Equip your team for success, every time.

Customized opportunities for your needs

1. Backward integration

By connecting Qlocx with systems like a scheduling tool or an inventory list, you can manage the distribution of equipment according to your specific requirements. This integration allows Qlocx to ensure that the right items are handed out precisely when needed, making the process smooth and efficient.


2. Autonomous handout

No matter if it’s a computer, a tool, or any other type of equipment, the user can decide when they need to pick it up. The Qlocx system provides a digital key through the app, which can be managed based on the user’s account, the time, and other factors. This ensures easy and controlled access to the equipment when it is needed.

3. Digital tracking

The Qlocx system allows you to see who picked up which item and when. This tracking helps you calculate how often equipment is used and can also reduce wastage, theft, and other issues that can happen in a workplace where resources are shared. This way, you can make sure everything is used efficiently and responsibly.

What are the advantages of Qlocx Asset Management?


Say goodbye to the hassle of manually handing over equipment like computers and tools. With Qlocx Smart Lockers, you can stock them at your convenience, and recipients can collect their items whenever they need. Enjoy streamlined, efficient equipment distribution that fits everyone’s schedule perfectly.


With our cutting-edge digital platform, you can effortlessly track who retrieved what equipment and when. You’ll also be notified as soon as items are returned, ensuring they’re ready for the next user. Enjoy complete visibility and control over your equipment management, all in one convenient solution.

Reduced wastage

Secure your equipment and reduce theft and waste with our Smart Lockers. Ensure your valuable assets are protected and efficiently managed, maximizing productivity and minimizing loss.

Frequently asked questions

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What types of equipment can be managed with Qlocx Asset Management system?

Any equipment that needs to be securely stored and requires controlled access can benefit from this system. Qlocx Software allows you to manage who can access specific items and when, all without manual handling. It can integrate with various systems such as warehouse management, scheduling tools, and carriers, making it versatile for different types of rental and lending needs.

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