Unattended rental

Make your machines more accessible and improve your customer relations with an unattended rental. Through our solution for rental deposits, you can create a space for unattended rental, where customers can pick up and return tools they rent from you.

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What is a Qlocx unattended rental depot?

A Qlocx unattended rental depot can actually be any type of locked space for example, a container, a room, a cupboard, or a gated courtyard. Qlocx ensures that the right person gets access to the locked space and registers what is taken and returned.

Your customers only need to press the open button in the Qlocx app to enter the space and register the tools they want to rent or return. Qlocx will then report all information you need to start or end the rental.

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This is how it works

1. The customer wishes to rent a tool

A customer contacts you and wishes to rent a tool. Through the Qlocx app, you assign the customer access to the compartment/room/container where the tool is or will be placed.

2. The customer collects the tool

In the Qlocx app, the customer enters the code sent via text message. The customer then presses the open button, opens the door to the space, and walks in to retrieve the tool.

3. Qlocx notifies you

When a tool is retrieved, you get a report on who, when, where, and what the customer picked up so you can start the rental period.

4. The customer returns the tool

When the customer wants to return the tool, the same procedure as renting is used, but in reverse. The customer opens the space and puts the item back. Qlocx reports to the rental company what the customer left so the rental period can be terminated.

This is how Qlocx's unattended rental depot service works


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