Terms of use


The agreement covers the use of Qlocx's delivery and access control systems, hereinafter referred to as the "Service". The general purpose of the agreement is to give you who use the Service, hereinafter referred to as "User", full insight into what obligations / rights they have and what data Qlocx will retrieve, save and distribute.

In the Service, there are two sub-services covered in this agreement the "Delivery Service", which concern Users who receive or send deliveries to or from devices, or areas, where access is controlled by Qlocx's lock control and the "Passage Service" which concerns Users where Qlocx's lock control is used for passage into or through doors, gates or other units.



Contract terms for acceptance



In order for Qlocx to provide the functions in the Qlocx application, Qlocx will collect and manage the personal data provided by the User. This personal data will consist of login information, email address, telephone number, first name and last name.
If you as a User wish to join as a user on a Qlocx device where you live, Qlocx will also request your social security number. The social security number will be used to retrieve your registered address against the population register.

Qlocx will then save your registered address, but not your social security number. As a User, you agree that Qlocx may collect and manage this data. Qlocx has a number of partners where in some cases it is necessary to share personal data in order to provide the service.

You as a User agree that Qlocx may distribute the necessary personal data, primarily Qlocx distributes information including email address and telephone number to relevant carrier-related companies within the EU / EEA in the form of an electronic response or an update to a request in order for them to be able to deliver shipments to your delivery unit.

Qlocx takes all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is processed as securely and responsibly as possible.



Qlocx will log and save information related to the User's behavior in the application and save generated data from times when a lock has been opened, which is supported by Qlocx, as well as data about deliveries linked to the User.

Qlocx saves this information in order to provide an optimal service and constantly improve it. The information will be saved until Qlocx finds that the information is no longer of use to be able to maintain the Service or until the User themself wishes the information to be deleted.



Qlocx has implemented a security standard in the devices. However, in the unlikely event that something happens, for example, when someone breaks into the delivery unit, the User is responsible for the content when the theft was made on the User's property, which should be reported to the police and insurance companies. Qlocx recommends that before using the Service, check what applies to its own home or business insurance. Should something happen to the delivery where it can be attributed to Qlocx's software not working properly and is the reason for theft or vandalism, Qlocx is responsible for the replacement of this goods. Qlocx has access to track all events in the delivery unit that are made by authorized persons with mobile keys, this information can be used as evidence in the event of theft.



Users of the Service are advised to update Qlocx with the latest personal data necessary for the Service to function, in other words the correct name, email address, telephone number, home/business address and zip code.



As a User, who has received or may have their personal data processed, you always have the right to receive information free of charge, after a written application to Qlocx, about which of your personal data Qlocx processes, and what our purposes are for the processing. You can also request that Qlocx delete or correct personal data about you that we process. Users also have the right to withdraw their previous consent to Qlocx in order to limit the use of personal data.



As a User of the Delivery Service, you agree that surveillance via camera may be conducted in the delivery area in order to prevent thefts from taking place.



As a User of the Delivery Service, you accept that Qlocx retrieves the phone's GPS location when the opening function in the Application is used. GPS positioning is not directly linked to you as a User without Qlocx uses GPS positioning to identify where the space is located to help transport companies or service companies find the space.