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Our Smart Locker software ecosystem is built to support various functionalities such as, first/last mile, Click & Collect and Smart Stores, where all components are interface flexible with full compatibility to integrate all functionality into own interfaces through our premium and well defined API stack and ETL.






Our Software suits

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Qlocx Software Basic: your locker - your identity

Control the lockers from your own user interface by integrating our SDKs and communicate with the locker through an API or SFTP integration.You can choose to use our first class parcel transaction mechanisms, such as parcel allocation, parcel manager and ETL data transfer to create a plug and play solution where all components have your brand and your identity.

Qlocx Software Business: plug & play to instantly fulfill your business need

With long and extensive experience within digital last mile logistics, we have developed entire ecosystems containing all necessary components for successful Smart Locker Networks, Click&Collect, Smart Stores and Asset Management systems. All these products are built as plug and play solutions for all kind of businesses and industries but are fully customizable to fulfill your business need. 

Qlocx Agnostic Software: the most coprehensive software solution for your lockers

The Qlocx software platforms has been designed with scalability, flexibility and simplicity in mind and therefore we built it as an agnostic software that can not only operate a Qlocx Smart Locker with our own technology but also any kind of third party Parcel Locker independent of hardware. This product fits a network consisting different locker suppliers on different markets where our SaaS system helps uniform the software operating the lockers.



Qlocx Basic

- SDK/API integrations.

- Use your own user interface.

- Parcel allocation system.

- Parcel management tool.

- Locker management system.

- ETL data transfer.

Qlocx Business

- SDK/API integrations.

- Use your own user interface.

- Parcel allocation system.

- Parcel management tool.

- Locker management system.

- ETL data transfer.

- App Suite (Driver, consumer, installer).

- Extensive Smart Locker network tools.

- Click & Collect system.

- Smart Store system.

- Asset management system.

Qlocx Agnostic

- All Qlocx business functionalities.

- Applicable to all Smart Lockers with third party hardware technology.



Why work with Qlocx Software Solutions?


Create a product that fulfills you customers requirements with maximum flexibility.

Expertise & experience

Qlocx have developed our Smart Locker software for almost 10 years where our systems contain unique functionalities.

Cost effective and sustainable

Our software is proven to be very cost efficient and comprehensive, helping our customers save time, money and environmental impact.

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