Qlocx Smart Locker IoT

A technological game changer

Introducing our cutting-edge Smart Locker, the ultimate game changer in parcel management. Designed to seamlessly integrate traditional parcel locker features with advanced operational peripherals, our Smart Locker offers a touch screen, barcode reader, and printer, with additional possibliity of being controlled effortlessly via web or native app.

Experience unparalleled convenience with ultra-low power consumption, enabling operation on both batteries and solar power. This innovation truly represents the next generation of parcel lockers, delivering unmatched flexibility and sustainability. The possibilities are limitless to craft the perfect customer experience tailored to your business needs. 

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Standard assortment

At our ISO-certified production facility, we design and manufacture our high-quality lockers. We offer two options: you can choose from our standard range of lockers or request custom designs tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we can brand your lockers with your visual graphics using spray painting or foliation techniques. This ensures that the lockers not only meet your functional requirements but also reflect your brand’s unique identity.





- Versatile Placement:
  Install anywhere without wiring or ground preparation.

- Power Options:
  Operates on batteries and solar power.

- Indoor and Outdoor Use:
  With a concrete or aluminum base.

- Adjustable Depth:
  Available in 400 mm or 600 mm depths.

- Compartment Variety:
  Modules with 10, 16, 21, 27, or 32 compartments.

- Modular Design:
  Includes both primary and secondary modules.

- Compartment Sizes:
  Five different sizes available, from XS to XL.


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Enhancing customer experience with peripheral units

To create the best customer experience tailored to your business needs, you can add various peripherals to enhance functionality. For first-mile or C2C operations, a label printer adds significant customer value, while a touch screen with a barcode reader speeds up the process for both drivers and consumers. These peripheral units allow you to customize the user experience to your preference.

Our standard peripheral units

- 7’’ or 10’’ LED Touch Screen: Provides a familiar and user-friendly interface.

- Barcode/QR Code Reader: Accelerates the process for users, ensuring quick and efficient service.

- Label Printer: Adds value to first-mile/C2C business models by simplifying label creation.

- CCTV: Enhances security for both the locker and the users.

- LED Lights: Improves visibility and user experience in low-light conditions.




Software products

To operate the Smart Lockers, a software suite is required. We offer two options: a Basic suit, where the primary user interface is developed by a third party and a Business suit where Qlocx offering complete systems, interfaces, operational tools, apps, and more, tailored to your specific needs.

Qlocx Basic

You'll get access to:

  • SDKs to operate the lockers with third party interface.
  • APIs to integrate with the lockers.
  • Parcel allocation system.

Qlocx Business

You'll get access to:

  • APIs to integrate with the lockers.
  • Parcel allocation systems.
  • App suits - consumer, driver & installer/maintenance.
  • Locker management system.
  • Operational system/BI/ETL.
  • Smart Store suit.
  • Click & Collect suit.
  • Asset management suit.
  • Carrier integrations.

Why choose Qlocx Smart Locker IoT?

Exceptional user experience

Tailor the perfect experience to meet your customers’ exact needs with our Smart Locker IoT technology.

Unlimited potential

Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional parcel locker without the high costs of hardware, ground preparation, and wiring. Our solution minimizes the demands on your IT systems.

Cost-effective and durable

Significantly lower deployment, maintenance, and overall ownership costs with our top-quality, easy-to-install Smart Lockers, designed to offer the best value on the market. Invest in a solution that ensures long-term savings and reliability.

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