Qlocx Smart Locker BLE

Autonomous & app controlled

Our hardware minimalistic Smart Locker that are a perfect fit for customers with a strong consumer presence and seek consumer loyalty. The lockers are controlled through a native app, either your own app or Qlocx app. They are also designed for outdoor use and operates with ultra low power consumption which allows the locker to be operated on batteries for 10+ years without exchange. By adding a solar panel the lockers get almost maintenance free with a long lifecycle of about 20 years.  With no requirement for ground preparation or wiring, the opportunities are limitless to place the lockers on flexible locations that really meets the consumer demands.

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Standard assortment

We design and produce the lockers in our ISO-certified production facility where we both produce lockers from our standard assortment and customize lockers according to customer specifications as well as being branded with customer visual graphics through spay painting or foliation. 





- Can be placed anywhere -
  no wiring nor ground preparation

- Batteries and solar power

- Both indoor and outdoor -
  Concrete or aluminium base

- Adjustable dept 400 or 600 mm

- 10, 16, 21, 27 or 32 compartments per module

- Both primary and secondary modules

- Five different compartment sizes (XS - XL)


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QlocxParcelLockers_lightgreen_27 web
QlocxParcelLockers_yellow_32_v web




Why is Qlocx Smart Locker BLE the best option for you?

Customer loyalty and presence

Consumers operate the lockers through a tailored interface that creates digital presence for your business where other digital loyalty opportunities can appear.

Location flexibility

No need for wiring or ground preparations. The lockers can be placed almost anywhere.

Low lifecycle cost

Reduce the cost of deployment, maintenance and the overall cost of ownership during the locker life cycle since our product offers the best quality available on the market with minimum deployment or maintenance requirements. 


Software products

To operate the Smart Lockers you need a software suit. We work with two options: a Basic suit, where the primary user interface is developed by a third party and a Business suit where Qlocx supply the systems, interfaces, operational tools, apps etc. according to your need. 

Qlocx Basic

You'll get access to:

  • SDKs to operate the lockers with third party interface
  • APIs to integrate with the lockers
  • Parcel allocation system

Qlocx Business

You'll get access to:

  • APIs to integrate with the lockers
  • Parcel allocation systems
  • App suits - consumer, driver & installer/maintenance
  • Locker management system
  • Operational system/BI/ETL
  • Smart Store suit
  • Click & Collect suit
  • Asset management suit
  • Carrier integrations

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