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The most advanced hardware tech

All our hardware technologies are in-house developed for ultra low power consumption which is the fundamental key in creating flexible networks on various locations with low maintenance costs and the lowest cost of ownership on the market. 





Qlocx kretskort för digitala integrationer och nycklar

The Technologies


Since 2015 we have been developing our own hardware technologies that initially was focused on Bluetooth Low Energy supporting an ultra low power consuming app-based ecosystem.

To create an even more accessible and user central system we started, in 2019, to develop an online cellular IoT based hardware that fulfilled our customers demand of being remotely controlled where users can interact with our ecosystem without the requirement of an app. To further simplify for the users we added optional peripheral products to the solution such as touchscreen, barcode reader and printer.

The hardwares are agnostic and constructed to fit any kind of third party locker module where it's possible to install the Qlocx hardware together with Qlocx Software solutions.


Cellular IoT

- Ultra low power consumption.

- No wiring required, neither internet nor power cable.

- Battery and solar panel driven with a lifetime up to 10+ years without necessary maintenance.

- Online technology with top class security protocols that can be operated from distance.

- Possible to add touchscreen, barcode reader and printer while still be running on batteries.

- Flexible interface where you can use a native app, web app or touchscreen.

- Easily integrated into your own customer journey.

- Both outdoor and indoor.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

- Ultra low power consumption

- No wiring required, neither internet nor power.

- Battery and solar panel driven with a lifetime up to 10+ years without necessary maintenance.

- App based solution that have to be operated with a native app with Android and iOS operating systems.

- Possibilities to integrate into an own app through an SDK integration.

- Offline technology with top class security protocols.

- Both outdoor and indoor.


How to build a product based on our hardware 

1. Choose locker unit

Choose a locker unit that fits your business need. Example of locker units:

- 3d party parcel locker.

- Container.

- Cabinet.

2. Choose a Qlocx hardware

Choose a hardware technology that fits your business intention. 

You can choose from our two technologies:

- Cellular IoT + peripherals.

- Bluetooth Low Energy.

3. Choose a Qlocx software product

Choose the right software product for you:

- Qlocx Basic where you add your own software.

- Qlocx Business where you can choose from our standard suits or we customize the software to your business application.


Peripheral units

When working with our cellular IoT product you have the possibility to add certain peripheral units that brings added value to your business. 

The standard peripheral units we are working with

- 7'' or 10'' LED touch screen : Creates an experience that most customers are used to.

- Barcode/QR code reader : Speed up the process for the users

- Label printer : adding value to a first mile/C2C business model

- CCTV : to enhance security

- LED lights enhance experience when dark




Software products

To operate the Smart Lockers you need a software suit. We work with two options: a Basic suit, where the primary user interface is developed by a third party and a Business suit where Qlocx supply the systems, interfaces, operational tools, apps etc. according to your need. 

Qlocx Basic

You'll get access to:

  • SDKs to operate the lockers with third party interface
  • APIs to integrate with the lockers
  • Parcel allocation system

Qlocx Business

You'll get access to:

  • APIs to integrate with the lockers
  • Parcel allocation systems
  • App suits - consumer, driver & installer/maintenance
  • Locker management system
  • Operational system/BI/ETL
  • Smart Store suit
  • Click & Collect suit
  • Asset management suit
  • Carrier integrations




Why work with Qlocx hardware products?


Create a product that fulfills you customers requirements with maximum flexibility.

Expertise & experience

Qlocx have worked with these flexible products for almost 10 years and made many different use cases with our hardware.

Cost effective

Our product is proven to be very cost efficient due to long life cycle and low product maintenance.

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