Delivery space

Install the Qlocx passage system on the door of an existing space, thereby creating a delivery space where carriers can make contactless deliveries without interrupting the receiver.


Enable contactless deliveries to your workplace

By placing the Qlocx passage system on a door, gate, or portal, a delivery space is created where carriers can deliver goods without disturbing the recipient. By avoiding interruptions in work, you can increase efficiency and reduce high labor costs.

The Qlocx passage system is placed on a digital lock and is easily administered through an app. We make it possible for carriers to deliver and then notify the receiver when the goods have been delivered.

See the video below showing what it could look like when a forwarder is delivering to a smart space.

This is how it works

1. Placement of orders

A smart delivery space always has a unique Qlocx address, which is used during the delivery so the forwarder can receive a digital key to open the door or gate to the locked area.

2. The order is managed by the supplier

When suppliers book the transport, they add relevant information to let the transport company know the delivery is going to a delivery space using the Qlocx passage system.

3. Delivery of goods

When the goods are to be delivered, the carrier is assigned a one-time digital key in the phone/handheld computer. The key is then used to open the door to the delivery space and deliver the goods to the designated zone.

4. Delivery notification

The key is deactivated once the carrier has delivered the goods. A notification is then sent to the recipient informing them that the goods have been delivered and can be picked up when suitable.

A selection of our connected carriers

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What is the purpose of a delivery space?


You can avoid waiting for calls or taking calls from the drivers, as well as physically unloading the deliveries. Instead, you receive a text message when goods have been delivered, enabling you to pick up the goods when it best suits you.

Positive impact on the environment

When carriers receive a digital key to the door, they can adjust the deliveries to when it suits them best, meaning they can redirect deliveries to hours with less traffic, which can positively affect the environment.

Security reasons

When ordering goods to a connected and unmanned delivery space, you reduce the number of people in the unloading area, which decreases the risk of accidents.

Frequently asked questions

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I want to start using a delivery zone. How do I go about it?

We cooperate with many major rental companies, such as Lambertsson, Cramo, Skanska Rental, Ramirent, etc. Contact one of these for a quote, or contact us at Qlocx, and we will help you further.

How do I ensure my supplier can deliver to the delivery zone?

Many major suppliers are already connected, and almost everyone else has the opportunity to get started with delivering to smart delivery spaces. Contact us at Qlocx, and we will help you further.

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