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Qlocx Smart Locker IoT

​Our latest and most advanced Smart Locker with functionality and peripherals like touch screen, barcode reader, printer etc. as a traditional parcel locker though its ultra low power consumption allows the locker to be operated on batteries and solar power which truly makes this the next generation of parcel locker. 

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Qlocx Smart Locker BLE

Our app controlled autonomous Smart Locker consisting minimal hardware and installation requirements which makes it the best solution for companies with a strong consumer app presence and search for a economically and environmentally sustainable solution. 

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Qlocx Smart Store

Qlocx Smart Store is an unattended store product where e.g. consumables are replenished automatically without any manually placed orders. An administrator decides which products and how many of them should be in store, and the balance point where the product should be replenished. To retrieve material, for example, a package of screws or nails, you open the store and scan the packages – all with the Qlocx app.

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Qlocx Hardware Solutions

By adding Qlocx Hardware Technology to a secure storage unit of your choice, we can create any kind of logistical application serving your business need.

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Qlocx Software Solutions

Qlocx Software products are agnostic by design and specifically tailored to fit certain logistical business need.

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