Delivery container

More than half of all deliveries to construction sites consist of small goods. By easily integrating a delivery container into the perimeter protection around the work site, it becomes possible for carriers to deliver smaller goods at any time of the day.


What is a delivery container?

A delivery container is a container with either one or two doors controlled by digital locks. The container is used to receive deliveries of goods without having to receive calls from the driver or meet them in person. The Qlocx app allows the driver to open the container and deliver the goods safely and efficiently without contacting the recipient or entering the unloading area.

The idea is to eliminate meetings between carrier and receiver.


This is how it works

1. Placement of orders

A delivery container always has a unique Qlocx address used during the delivery so the forwarder can receive a digital key to open the drive gate.

2. The order is managed by the supplier

When the supplier books the transport, they add relevant information to let the transport company know the delivery is going to a connected unloading point.

3. Delivery of goods

When the goods are to be delivered, the forwarder is assigned a one-time digital key in the phone/handheld computer. The key is then used to open the door to the delivery container and deliver the goods to the designated zone.

4. Delivery notification

The key is deactivated once the forwarder has delivered the goods. A notification is then sent to the recipient informing them that the goods have been delivered and can be picked up at a time that suits them.

Hear Johanna Lindmark...

How does a delivery container work in practice, and what are the benefits? Take a look at the video below to hear Johanna Lindmark, Logistics manager at PEAB, talk about how the delivery container is used at their workplace. 


What is the purpose of a delivery container?


You can avoid waiting for calls or taking calls from drivers, as well as physically unloading deliveries. Instead, you receive a text message when goods have been delivered, enabling you to pick up the goods when it best suits you.


When placing orders to a delivery container, you always know where your packages are when it is time to pick them up. You can also track who has been inside the container and when.

Security reasons

When using a delivery container integrated into the perimeter protection around a worksite, you reduce the number of cars and people on the construction site, which decreases the risk of accidents.

2 570 000


Cost savings

11 000


Vehicles that have not entered the unloading area

3 670


Saved working time


The human-free unloading point is the future of our workplaces. Many of our accidents occur at the unloading site. If we can reduce the number of vehicles and workers at the unloading site, we will create a more efficient and safer workplace.

Benjamin Lindén, Category Manager for Workplace Logistics at Skanska


Much of what now goes to the delivery container before was received right at the gate out on the street, which created problems with our other material unloading. We have reduced the number of transports by a lot since we started with the delivery container. Now goods are delivered at night, which means that you don’t notice the cars during production time.

Joakim Redaelli, Logistics Manager at Arcona Trikåfabriken


It is convenient not to have to be on-site when deliveries arrive while simultaneously knowing that goods are safe in the delivery container. I can pick it up when I pass by later.

Ronny Blomqvist, Site Manager at NCC Inverness

Frequently asked questions

Below are the four most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Which goods can be delivered to the delivery container?

Package and pallet deliveries that drivers can unload themselves.

How do I ensure my supplier can deliver to the shipping container?

Many major suppliers are already connected, and almost everyone else has the opportunity to get started with delivering to the delivery container. Contact us at Qlocx, and we will help you further.

I want to get a delivery container at my workplace. How do I go about it?

We cooperate with many major rental companies, such as Lambertsson, Cramo, Skanska Rental, Ramirent, etc. Contact one of these for a quote, or contact us at Qlocx, and we will help you further.

I do not have room for a container at my workplace. Can I still use your delivery service?

Of course! Our digital locks can be used in many different ways. Contact us, and we will explain more.

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