Hilti and Qlocx enter partnership and launch smart consumption solution

Hilti Svenska AB, an industry leader in developing and manufacturing tools and services for the construction industry, enters a partnership with the technology company Qlocx AB and together launches a smart consumption solution. The smart consumable solution, equipped with Qlocx systems, ensures that the workplace never has to risk being left without fastening materials, automatic filling takes place when materials are running low.




"We see great opportunities with the solution, not only that it is easy for our customers to use but also that it saves them time and gives a total overview of what material is available in the workplace. A problem that exists in workplaces today is that customers may run out of materials during work, which can lead to parts of the project being delayed.


In the past, customers have dealt with this problem of having very large stocks of materials. Something that binds both capital and surface in the workplace. The smart consumption solution enables the customer not to have more material than necessary at the workplace and the automatic ordering function ensures that new material is delivered at the right time." says Fredrik Ingheden, Senior Account Manager at Hilti Sverige AB


"The system behind the consumption solution is designed to reduce administration for both the supplier and the user. The storage room is locked with Qlocx digital locks. Through the Qlocx app on the phone, the user can open the storage room with the push of a button and then easily with the phone's camera scan the barcode of the products that the user wishes to take out. Qlocx's system then keeps track of the balance in the storage room and when the balance has dropped to the predetermined order point, the system automatically places a new order with the amount determined by the user." says Björn Nyckelgård, Operations Manager at Qlocx.


"The best thing about the smart consumable solution, from Qlocx and Hilti, for me has been that it has saved us a lot of time. The app, for scanning, and the administration interface on the web have been easy to use. Orders have easily been made when needed on site with the app and deliveries here have been quick. We have had barcodes for the various items when we have inventoried the storage and if something has been missing, an order is placed automatically. We are very pleased!" says Antoinette Alajehji, Supervisor at Skanska's project Nya Vårdbyggnaden Malmö.


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