Smart Storage

Here you can find short descriptions and videos on how to use your smart storage.

What is a Smart Consumable Storage?



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Instructions on how to administrate your storage in myqlocx portal, see video:

MyQlocx instructions



Instructions on how to use the Qlocx app, see video:

Qlocx app isntructions



You also received all the information you need in a welcome email when you registered for the consumable store.



Administrate MyQlocx portal


Add user

To add a user you click "+ New User".
You then add the new users mobile phone number and what company the person works for.
You also need to select if the user should be able to make withdrawhls, inventory and/or administrate the Smart Consumable Storage in MyQlocx Portal.

Add user



Delete user

To delete a user you click "manage smart storage" and then "Users". Find the person you want to remove and then manage access. Click "remove all".

Delete user



Add Qlocx ID number

When your consumable storage arrive at the workplace you need to link the physical control unit to MyQlocx portal, to get it started.
You log in at and press "Manange smart storage" and then "Storage settings".

Inside the cabinet door there's a black box with a number on it, type in the number you see on the box under the field "Qlocx id of controller" in the portal and then "save changes".

Now your consumbale storage is ready for use.

Add Qlocx id




To add a product you click "Manage Smart Storage".

Choose "+ add new product to storage" and type in 1-4 below.

  1.  Article number (The article number on the specific item you put in the storage)
  2.  Balance (How many items you put in the storage).
  3.  Order point (The number you choose of when the systems should generate an automatic order).
  4.  Max balance (The maximum number of items with that specific article number in your storage).

Press "add" and "save".

Now you can see your product and you can also remove a product in your storage by clicking "remove" in red.

Add new product




If I want to wait to send an order, what do I do?
Under "Storage settings" you can click on "Activate replenishment orders" if you want all orders to be sent or for all to be turned off completely.
To stop single orders from being sent; set the order point and balance to zero.
That way, you can then adjust the levels when the order is to be sent.



Create labels

To create labels to put in the cabinet for each item, click "manange smart storage" and then
"download labels".
An Excel file is downloaded and you can see all your items with their specific article number and a QR- code to scan. It's easy to print and cut yourself for the items that you want, or to send to a professional printer.


Add Qlocx id



Export history

To export history you go to "manange smart storage" and then "Withdrawl history". There you can see all the history and view it in your browser but also click "Export" in the upper right corner.
If you have multiple Smart Storages you choose which one you want to export from.
An Excel file is downloaded with a list of your withdrawl history.


Add Qlocx id








Does the app work without internet connection

No, you need internet connection to open the digital lock and to use the app.



When are products delivered?

Orders are delivered on the day specified in the "Desired delivery days" field.
If it says "Tuesday" and "Wednesday", products are delivered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, provided that the order point has been reached and that it is not a public holiday. If the field is left blank, delivery takes place every day based on the above conditions.



When are orders created?
Orders are created at 12:35 the previous weekday based on what has been entered in the field
"Desired delivery days" and that the order point has been reached.
For example, if it says "Tuesday", the order will be created on Monday at 12.35.



When is the balance in the locker updated?
The balance is updated at midnight on the day the order is placed. The software assumes that everything arrives at the customer the next day and that all items are in stock at the supplier. Any residual notes are not noted in Qlocx.



How long is the battery life of the digital lock?
About 6 months, then you simply replace the 8 AA batteries in the cabinet with new ones. The customer's administrator is notified of this at 25%-15%-10% battery life on the control box.



Is it possible to return items to the storage
Yes. There are two ways: Inventory it (not visible in the withdrawal report) or use "withdraw from storage" and subtract the number to add in (visible in the withdrawal report).



If we need to cancel the Smart Consumable Storage service; what is the routine?
Talk to your account manager who will make the arrangements with the supplier and Qlocx.