Smart Locker Networks

A true last-mile experience

Invest in smart locker networks to boozt your out-of-home offer and create competitive advantages towards your competitor become the most consumer and environmental friendy player on the market.

Our lockers have the highest quality available, most advanced software systems and can be located anywhere without any limitations. 


Designing & deploying dense networks

With our partners, we are designing and deploying large nationwide parcel locker infrastructures designed for a variety of applications, supporting first- and last mile deliveries as well as Click & Collect and C2C shipments. The lockers are installed in a couple of minutes and require no ground nor wire preparation and low maintenance which creates a low cost of ownership. The networks contain both indoor and outdoor lockers where we have deployed
1 500+ locations in the nordic countries. 


Why invest in a smart locker network?

Customer loyalty

Increase satisfaction and loyalty from your users and end consumers.

Reduce cost and environmental impact

Reduce cost, CO2 emissions, and number of failed deliveries.

Lead the way

Be in the forefront of the last mile technological innovations by using our products.

Why Qlocx is your optimal partner

Know how

We have a vast experience in planning, building, deploying, maintaining and operating smart locker networks.

Robust quality hardware

Our Smart Lockers are designed with quality and durability for both outdoor and indoor use. The majority of the units are operating in the nordic countries where they have been tested for every weather condition.  

Scalable and holistic software

We have the most comprehensive software suits available on the market with all from user apps to operating webtools and SDK/APIs which support all kind of business models. 

A selection of our integrated logistic partners


How we work

1. Learn

We sit down and learn about your:

- Project requirements

- Project needs.

- Project ambitions

2. Joint planning

We continue with a joint project planning:

- We choose the right product.

- Find locations for deployment.

- Mapping integrations and developments.

3. Building

We build according to our specifications:

- Integrations

- System components

- Produce lockers with customer branding

4. Execution

We execute the project:

- Field deployment

- Project in operation

- Continuous feedback and adjustments

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