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With the Qlocx system for asset management, it is simple to give a person access to a certain piece of equipment at a given time without physical handling.

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What is asset management? 

Today, many companies have a lot of extra equipment. Computers and phones, for example, often are not utilized simultaneously and end up in storage somewhere, waiting to be used. So in larger factories and industrial settings, it makes sense for this type of equipment to be shared – asset management is then the perfect system. 

By adding a Qlocx Smart Locker, we ensure the right person gets access at the right time. Everything taken and returned is registered, and all administration is handled in the Qlocx app.

The idea is to make the right equipment accessible, to the right person, at the right time.

Customized opportunities for your needs

1. Backward integration

By integrating with, for example, a scheduling system or an inventory list, Qlocx can control the handout of equipment according to your needs.

2. Autonomous handout

Whether a computer, a tool, or another type of equipment, the user can control when it should be retrieved. The Qlocx system distributes a digital key in the app and can be controlled based on account, time, etc.

3. Digital tracking

The Qlocx system lets you track who picked up what and when. Traceability can be used for utilization rate calculations but also to help reduce wastage, theft, and other things that can occur at a workplace with resource sharing, among other purposes.

What are the advantages of internal lending via Qlocx?


You do not have to manually hand over equipment (such as computers, tools, etc.). Cabinets/spaces can be filled when it suits you, and the user can decide when to collect the items.


Through our digital platform, you always have the opportunity to see who retrieved what and when. You can also see when equipment has been put back, so you know it is ready for collection.

Reduced wastage

When equipment is kept in a locked space – for example, a parcel locker or room theft and waste are reduced.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the two most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, please see our full FAQ here or contact us at

What equipment can this type of rental be used for?

All equipment that must be kept in a locked space and requires control over who is allowed access to which specific items and when – without manual handling. Qlocx Software can be integrated with most systems (warehouse systems, scheduling, carriers, etc.) and can thus support different types of rental.

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