Qlocx Smart Locker Use Cases

Qlocx Smart Lockers are very dynamic and flexible and can be used in many different environments and application areas.

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Smart Locker Networks

Invest in smart locker networks to boozt your out-of-home offer and create competitive advantages towards your competitor become the most consumer and environmental friendy player on the market.

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Click & Collect

Click and Collect is the free-shipping alternative for consumers used to build trust, increase service level and drive customers to the physical store.

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Smart Store

Keep full control of your stock balances with Qlocx's Smart Store. With automatically replenished material, what you need is always close at hand.

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Asset Management

With the Qlocx system for asset management, it is simple to give a person access to a certain piece of equipment at a given time without physical handling.

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Construction logistics

Simplify everyday life at the workplace with various delivery solutions, smart consumable storage, and unmanned rental. Save both time and money in a way that lessens the environmental impact.

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Qlocx Flexible

Our technology creates flexibility and scalability, regardless of industry, and is easy to apply to your specific area of use.

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