Parcel lockers

Connected parcel lockers play an increasingly important role in the last link of the logistics chain. Whether it is parcel lockers that handle e-commerce deliveries, Click and Collect or rental at workplaces, etc., the Qlocx system can manage integrations with suppliers and carriers all the way to customer delivery.


Fewer transports are good for the environment

Proper infrastructure enables the continued rapid expansion of e-commerce but in a more sustainable way. Boxes can be available in any environment to best handle current needs. Fewer and shorter transports in rural areas and nighttime deliveries with electric vehicles in cities are some of the environmental advantages that also increase availability.

The idea is to make a package accessible on the receivers’ terms and enable better logistics planning for the carrier.



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This is how it works

1. Ordering

A package recipient places an order via the current system (e-commerce, internal system, equipment scheduling system, etc.)

2. The order

When suppliers later book the transport, they add relevant information to inform the transport company that the delivery should go to a parcel locker operated by the Qlocx software.

3. Delivery of goods

The package is delivered to the locker and the correct slot, and the recipient is notified that the package is available for collection.

4. Pickup

When the forwarder has delivered the goods, the key is used and deleted from the mobile phone. At the same time, a notification is sent to the recipient informing that the package has been delivered and can be picked up at a suitable time.

iBoxen x Qlocx

The company iBoxen is developing a nationwide infrastructure for outdoor delivery boxes in Sweden – available to everyone around the clock. The company invests heavily with the goal that all of Sweden's 4.7 million households – in both rural and urban areas – should be able to easily and conveniently pick up, send and return their parcels via a delivery box near their home or where they pass daily, regardless of where they shop and which carrier is delivering the packages. The delivery boxes are a convenient alternative to courier services and home deliveries.


Qlocx delivers all technology for iBoxen, and together we have established a joint venture called Qlocx iBoxen Digital.


paketskåp iboxen


The iBox infrastructure can be used by all transport companies, making it possible for the e-commerce industry to continue to grow in a more sustainable way. The boxes lead to fewer and shorter transports in rural areas and create the conditions to allow for night deliveries with electric vehicles in cities. The iBox is owned by the founders, Fastighets AB Balder, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (SBB), and Redito, and is being financed to expand the network of boxes throughout Sweden. Read more about the iBox here.


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