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Qlocx is more than just a parcel locker company with state of the art hardware & software products, we are an end-to-end solution and one of the most experienced players in Europe within the field of Smart Lockers. The key to our success has been the primary focus on convenience for our courier partners, retail partners and the consumers, which will continue to drive our products and innovations not only today but also in the future.

Modern solutions

We develop our technology based on the latest infrastructure, electronic components and software frameworks. By partnering with us we can assure you that you invest in the best technology available on the market. Our technology creates flexibility and scalability, and can easily be applied to your specific area of use.

For a sustainable future

With our products you will be in the forefront of your industry, leading the way towards a more environmental friendly society. Since our products eliminates the meeting between carriers and recipients, we create the flexibility needed for sustainable supply chains where both distribution and collection can be made 24/7 leading to shipment consolidation and more efficient routes at less busy times.







Our history

It all started in 2014, with a vision to create a smart modern mailbox that would enable unattended deliveries of e-commerce parcels, similar to how the delivery of letters had worked since the beginning of time.

The first prototype was developed in 2015, but the company was formally founded in 2016 – and named Qlocx. A lot has happened since then, but we have always focused on the same goal: to make deliveries more sustainable and environmentally friendly in a world with ever-growing consumption. Although Qlocx has already made a noticeable impact on last mile logistics, we have only seen the beginning.

In 2016, our offering included only mailboxes. Today, we have broadened the range and offer many different products and services that we call Smart Lockers – continuing to strive towards a more sustainable future.

Currently we have delivered over 4 000 Smart Lockers around Europe in close collaboration with our valued partners and helping them design, build, deploy and maintain their networks of Smart Lockers. 

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Why name it Qlocx?

Qlocx is a combination of IQ, Lock, and Box and was not chosen because it was easy to pronounce. Rather, it was selected for its uniqueness. The upside-down postal horn, also a "Q," symbolizes that Qlocx represents new thinking and turns old approaches upside down.



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