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Transform your business with Qlocx Smart Lockers

Unmatched convenience and efficiency

Unlock seamless, unattended parcel transactions with Qlocx Smart Lockers. Our solutions integrate state-of-the-art technology and software, tailored to fit your business needs.

A selection of our partners
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What is a Smart Locker?

A Smart Locker is an advanced, technology-driven secure storage unit that can be controlled via devices such as smartphones or touchscreens. These lockers are versatile and can be adapted for a wide range of uses and business applications.

While the traditional image of a Smart Locker might be a multi-compartment parcel locker, our definition extends far beyond that. Qlocx Smart Lockers can take many forms, including single door lockers, construction containers, gates and front doors.

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What we do

Qlocx develop, deploy and operate Smart Locker systems where we offer services from design, manufacturing, software integration, field deployment and network maintenance.

We work together with our partners to develop the right lockers for their needs, using our own hardware and software solutions.

Our lockers are known for being sturdy, using very little power, and being affordable to install and maintain where we specialize in eco-friendly lockers powered by batteries and solar energy. These lockers can be equipped with useful peripherals like LED screens, barcode readers, and printers, making them easy to use and deploy.

We are a reliable partner with lots of experience, ready to help you build a successful network of Smart Lockers. Check out our Use Cases to get ideas for your projects.



Why choose Qlocx Smart Lockers

Exceptional customer satisfaction

Deliveries when and where your customers want.

Operational excellence

Maximize staff productivity by using Smart Lockers for parcel collection.

Revenue growth

Boost sales with unparalleled first and last-mile delivery convenience.


Partner with us to create dense networks

With over 1,500 locker locations installed across the Nordic countries and a 94% customer satisfaction rate, Qlocx is the trusted partner for industry leaders like Hilti, Kappahl, and iBoxen.


1 500

+ locations

Implemented in production

4 000

+ lockers

Sold on the European market



Consumer app satisfaction ratings

Pioneering solutions for every industry

From bustling construction sites to dynamic e-commerce and retail environments, our customizable lockers elevate operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring your business stays ahead.

Read more about some of our use cases of how our customers implemented our products in their businesses:


About us

Qlocx was founded in 2015 where we started to develop the hardware, software and entire last mile eco systems together with our logistic partners. Along the years we have created Smart Lockers for unattended deliveries and other logistical applications for many different industries and use cases. We can summarize ourselves with following traits:

- Partner with some of the largest logistic players.

- Major experience in last mile software solutions.

- In house developed software and hardware.

- ISO certified production in Europe.     

- Thousand of Smart Lockers installed in the field.

- Successful deliveries with consumer app ratings of 4,7/5.


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A selection of our reference customers

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iBoxen infrastructure - A nationwide and dense parcel locker network

iBoxen operates an agnostic parcel locker network in the nordics where 10+ carrier firms are integrated and operates the lockers on a daily basis with 1 000+ Qlocx Parcel Locker locations with BLE technology currently in operation. All lockers are located outdoor and are operated without any wiring in harsh climate with excellent performance. Consumers rate an iBoxen delivery with 4,7/5 over time.

Qlocx supply iBoxen with parcel lockers and software to operate the parcel lockers independently with operational services to develop and operate the infrastructure software.

- Dense agnostic infrastructure nationwide

- 10+ of largest logistic players integrated

- 1 000+ locations in both Sweden and Finland


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Kappahl indoor Click & Collect

Swedish retailer Kappahl has selected Qlocx Smart Lockers as their Click&Collect solution supplier in a majority of their 200+ stores in Sweden. Qlocx have built specific software to make it seamless for the consumers to pick up and drop off Kappahl parcels in store without the necessity to stand in line or get help from the employees, which makes their work extremely cost efficient.

- Tailor made screenless lockers for indoor use.

- Customer convertion to Kappahl app interface with high customer satisfaction.

- Cost savings due to less neccissity of employees in store.



Aleris - unattended handovers of medical devices

Aleris is a private healthcare company that uses Qlocx Parcel Lockers to handout and collect medical devices for their daily operation. Previously all transactions had to be made through the lobby reception but now they do every transaction unmanned and 24/7.

Aleris parcel lockers have reduces the patient health care queue significant which made a great positive impact on their operations. 


Hilti Smart Store

Hilti has selected Qlocx as their global supplier of smart store solutions where the product function lika a mini unattended store for consumable goods where they supply their customers with material on-site. Qlocx have built specific software to make it seamless for their consumers to pick up consumable material and when the material is below order point and automatic order is places to refill the stock. 

  • Tailor made single door cabinet lockers without any need of wiring for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Creates loyalty and product conversion since there's no lead times.

  • Flexible and convenient solution that can be placed anywhere on a construction site for example.